Hade tråkigt... :)

Can Anyone See me in the dark? I can see everyone,
My heart beats faster and faster as it gets colder and colder,
There is a saying, To enjoy the sun, You must suffer from rain.
I have never enjoyed the sun, just suffered from rain
Will anyone ever notice me in the dark? I can see everone...

I sat here today, from the afternoon to the morning of the next day,
Just so i could talk to you, becouse there is nothing better than that.
I like it very much and i enjoy every minuite, i enjoy every second,
i want to be close, close to you if you want me to.
I want to hold you and kiss you, sit down and cuddle, be romantic with you,
Doesnt that sound nice? Just me and you, in the night in the light of the tv...
watching a real funny movie, just the two of us, in the light of the tv....

To get me as happy as i am now, was the hardest thing for me,
But all you had to do, was talk, and now i'm happier than i could ever be.


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